uhibbul ‘arabi - I love arabic

Welcome, ahlan wa sahlan,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Buzoor site.


Buzoor in Arabic means "seeds". Though we are not an agriculture company, we do hope to plant the "seeds" of the Arabic language in the young generation.


Buzoor was established in 2008 to promote the love for Arabic language among children. Though the company is based in Dubai, the Arabic language is spoken and used universally, without boundaries.
When Buzoor started off, we were focusing on distributing quality Arabic material to schools. We felt at the time that children are drifting away from the language partly due to the unavailability of Arabic material that competes with books and material available in English.


We are attempting to address through this site the multiple dimensions of prompting the love for the Arabic language by bridging the gap between authors and their audiences, creating forums where anyone involved in Arabic for children can contribute their knowledge and experience and learn from others, through community groups and blogs.


We do not claim to be the repository of all information related to literature for children in Arabic, but we hope that by making the platform available, we will have planted a seed that you can water and watch grow.


Our on line retail store for Arabic books, CDs, DVDs and games is still work in progress. We join the on line community, contribute to its growth and hopefully benefit form the knowledge shared.


Whether you enjoy Arabic because it is your mother tongue, or because you live in an Arabic speaking country, whether you wish you could pass on to your family and friends the beauty of the language, or whether you feel it is an identity that you would like to root even further in your children, I hope that this modest contribution will help you achieve that, and I thank you for your input.


Zeyna Al Jabri

Founder, Buzoor



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